innAcloud Solutions

Built with the IT professional in mind, innAcloud™ products perform without the high up front / ongoing costs of current pbx systems. Whether on site or cloud based, our products merge traditional features with modern day networks.

The iACT solution; designed by innAcloud Technologies is simple, cost-effective and reliable. Our system was designed exclusively with the hospitality industry in mind. Hotel owners can now have the same enterprise-level, professional telephone system capabilities that larger hotels use at a much lower cost.

The iACT system is built using industry standard hardware, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and longevity of the product. There is no longer dependency on a single vendor. This flexibility allows you to choose from the best products available on the market today. Unlike other cloud-based systems, the iACT systems utilize an energy saving fan-less, disk-less, central call processing located on site. Scalable from 24 to 4000 end users, the iACT is perfect for small to large hotels.

The iACT is easy to install, service and simple to use. Utilizing industry standard hardware with minimal components, installation is a breeze. With less Pieces or “hardware modules” service costs are drastically reduced.
Unlike other cloud-based systems, the iACT systems utilize energy saving fan-less, diskless central call processing located on-site. Our systems have no moving parts, meaning less power is consumed. In addition, The iACT complies with RoHS/WEEE environmental standards and has a low-carbon footprint.
The iACT call processor (SCP) resides on-site and acts as the main call processor. Cloud based call processing provides for redundancy (optional) in case of a local processor failure.
The Future
The iACT keeps your investment working for you, now and into the future. The use of industry standard hardware makes it easy to keep up with the latest technologies and gives you greater flexibility, allowing you to choose from the best products at market-driven prices, today and in the future. You will never be left behind again!